As soon as an idea is field-tested and market-fit is established with some of our partners, we start exploring ways we can turn the solution into a venture. By working closely with our partners and pioneers, we carefully push forward with creating a new startup. These are our portfolio companies.


Diversity of thought is critical to unorthodox thinking. New and better ways of solving existing problems come from the untapped potential of billions living on the fringes of our society.


A creative solution to an existing problem is what a successful startup does. Our goal is to make sure that this idea also has a market value to be a successful business; otherwise, an idea is just an idea.


No matter where a pioneer is in the world, we will find them. We are interested in their ingenuity, and what it has to offer, academic, and career experiences are just a footnote.

Flavored Pixel

The Future of Hyperlocal Marketing

Get the most out of your marketing budget by utilizing micro-influencers in your community. Our AI-powered platform helps you automatically select and manage the influencers for you.


Your Virtual Concierge

Let your on-site staff focus on more important priorities while our chatbot deals with repetitive and time-consuming requests 24/7/365 via web, text, or voice.


Leverage AR to Bridge the Gap Between Digital & Reality

We aim to assist print media fill the gap left by digitization. By using augmented reality in combination with artificial intelligence Eye3 is reinventing the print advertisement model.

Sipher Whitebox

Resilient Building Blocks for Institutional Intelligence

At Sipher Whitebox we are creating modular building blocks to connect stakeholders and fragmented information systems for powerful identity and access management (IAM) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

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