Bringing together pioneers and finding ways to commercialize their innovative technology is one of the cornerstones of Sipher.

The qualifications we look for in these exceptional people are not what you may have come to expect from a typical venture studio or an incubator. The partnership and the relationship we would form are just as transformative as everything else we do at Sipher.


Diversity of thought is critical to unorthodox thinking. New and better ways of solving existing problems come from the untapped potential of billions living on the fringes of our society.


A creative solution to an existing problem is what a successful startup does. Our goal is to make sure that this idea also has a market value to be a successful business; otherwise, an idea is just an idea.


No matter where a pioneer is in the world, we will find them. We are interested in their ingenuity, and what it has to offer, academic, and career experiences are just a footnote.

What We Offer

First, we are your co-founders. We are here for the long haul; as such, we will invest our expertise and time to make your idea a reality.

We recognize that you are the technology expert, your responsibility is the technology, we'll work together as a team to build and reiterate the product, and everything else is our responsibility.

Business Development

Business development involves creating long-term opportunities that can persist and consistently provide value by assisting a startup to grow. This is accomplished by building and maintaining relationships with customers, clients, market experts and partners.


Sales is knocking down doors, overcoming objections, negotiating terms and making sure everything goes smoothly. It is an art form. Do it right, and you establish a positive, long-lasting relationship. Do it wrong, and the chances are you will close doors.


A brand is what separates you from your competition. Not only is it what makes your business memorable, but it's also what your customers will learn to expect from your business. Branding is more than a logo; it's how people perceive your startup.


Marketing is the process of communicating or engaging with people regarding your brand or your product. The ultimate goal is to sell your product or build brand equity by establishing your brand awareness to a potential audience based on your needs.


Securing funding is a significant turning point for a startup. Without funds, it's going to be very difficult to build a product and generate enough traction for future financing. At the same time, it's also important to plan for growth and strategically raise fund to meet the demand.

Get in Touch

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