The idea, be realistic

7 billion people on this planet. I can assure you that whatever idea you have, someone has already thought of it. Stop telling me to sign your stupid NDA before you pitch to me your billion-dollar idea that already exists.

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Strong work ethic and hard work is not enough

I am a pragmatist, this is not a motivational article to get you to do things with the intent on filling your head with false hope. I want to address a crucial point people always ignore and offer some advice to get started with it.

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The founding team is (almost) everything

The wrong skillsets among founders or too much ego from one or more of the founders can be the most significant hurdles a venture typically face at the start. Ultimately, this might prevent the venture from ever taking off.

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To this day, 70-95% of startups fail or don't meet expectations. This is the current venture capital model, and we are told that we should accept it. What if there is an alternative model that can do better. As an investor or an entrepreneur, wouldn't you want to know more?

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