Sipher is in the business of crafting targeted solutions that help brands and organizations grow. We bring our passion, dedication and expertise to help each of our partners achieve their goals.
The Team
We are an industrious collective of technologists, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs who are fully committed to the work we do. Our individual goals are always to perfect our craft and meet and exceed our partners expectations.
Lalith Muthali
Founder / CTO
Truly unique approaches come to life when one learns to think for themselves. As an autodidact, Lalith has been able to create one-of-a-kind works based on his ability to do just that.
Leon Parsaud
Co-Founder / CEO
Leon has a variety of experiences on both sides of the startup ecosystem, from growth and strategy roles, to venture capital/angel investment. He takes pride in helping to build dreams.
Samantha Simonds
Co-Founder / Engineer
Exploration and understanding of technology have been the cornerstones of her life since childhood. Learning, coding, gaming, and yes cats, are among her most enjoyed interests.
Jin Hiramatsu
Not everyone is gifted with the ability to visualize a concept as vividly as Jin. With a rock-steady hand, he is able to deliver amazing works of art.
Heath Simonds
Nothing can stand in Heath’s way. From planning and development, to testing and automation, he can manage himself and his team expertly to complete each task at hand.
Stephen Leung
Stephen lives and breathes digital marketing. He is adept at combining both his creative and analytical sides, to develop unique ways to keep ahead in this ever- evolving field.
Yue Jing Xiong
The ability to capture the true feeling, and essence of a moment is a hard-earned skill acquired by Yue Jing. Everyday brings a new chance to hone his abilities, and find something amazing in the details others may have missed.
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