Case Studies

From corporate clients to startups, we had many opportunities throughout the years to build amazing solutions. By combining the technical mastery of our pioneers and the ingenuity of Sipher, we built solutions that not only meet our client's expectations but exceed them every single time.

End-to-End Automated ETL Solution

Data were sitting in silos throughout the client's data centres — no way to retrieve relevant insights. Sipher was tasked to centralize all data, better capture, organize, and structure the data in order to provide business intelligence.

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Fleet Tracking & Analytics Solution

With no data pipeline or infrastructure in place, we had to build everything from grounds up. To further complicate the issues, the challenge wasn't just limited to software. Designing, deploying and maintaining an IoT network created a whole new set of challenges we had to overcome.

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Travel Billing & Settlement Platform

Finding a use case for blockchain to develop a solution is something very few companies get it right. In our client's case, billing and settlement solution is one of these use cases that's ideal for blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

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Energy Trading & Charging Platform

IoT devices in smart homes to access control with untrusted public services, the problems and restrictions were immense for our client. Our task was to augment their existing platform and introduce automation, better security, scalability and cost-efficiency with decentralized technology.

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Freight & Logistics Management Platform

With traditional methods, participants maintain their own databases. It is clearly inefficient due to delays in executing agreements and the duplication of effort. By using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, we found a way to eliminate the redundancies and improve efficiency.

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AI Powered Job Search Platform

The project was to build an end-to-end talent acquisition platform for recruiters and job seekers. The key feature was to leverage machine learning and present job seekers with likely jobs based on their profile — removing the need look over each job description to find the right job to apply.

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Travel Booking Platform

Moving a platform built with traditional centralized technology with a monolithic architecture to a decentralized technology with microservice architecture was a daunting task. Migrating the entire database to a blockchain presented us with another whole new set of hurdles.

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Fan Village For A Mixed Martial Arts Event

The objective was to create a memorable experience that would make fans feel as though they were part of the experience without taking part in any fights themselves.

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Sales Centre For A Condo

The objective was to create a memorable experience and simplify the sales experience for potential customers without creating any kind of distraction.

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