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We are an emerging technology startup from Toronto
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What We Do
Sipher is excited to help empower your ideas with our technological expertise and experience. Our core services include: cross-platform application development, blockchain development, and analytics utilizing data science and machine learning.
Innovation is only possible by pushing the frontiers of technology. By combining our forward-thinking attitude and creativity, with existing technology, we strive to shape an exciting future. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, blockchain, or something entirely new, we are here and willing to test the boundaries.
Like the mythical Hydra, technology seems to sprout up at an alarming pace. As one dies out, two more take its place. We pay careful attention, and use our expertise to select and utilize the correct technologies as they pop up to meet your needs. If the necessary technology isn’t present, we’ll develop our own.
We leverage data science and analytics to generate useful insight. This will enable you to understand your current situation, and predict future outcomes. The right insight can aid in decision making and provide an improved experience for your end-users. As a result, this leads to better customer engagement, increased revenue, and lower costs.
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We take pride in what we do. Take a look at some of our previous work with clients.
Learn more about our UFC project
Learn more about our CrossFire project
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We Are
Sipher is in the business of crafting targeted solutions that help brands and organizations grow. We bring our passion, dedication and expertise to help each of our partners achieve their goals.
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