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Sipher is on a quest to discover pioneers at the forefront of technology and unleashing them and their technology to the wider world.

Sipher commercializes innovative technology by partnering with clients early on to identify unique industry pain points and tailor-fit solutions.

Sipher helps clients create a distinct edge over their competition by enabling them to become an early adopter of cutting edge technology.

The Old Way
Status Quo

Startups raise early rounds to build MVPs and begin commercialization. This process takes millions of dollars and several years.

The majority of the startups fail to identify market fit, let alone become profitable. The number of startups that fail are way too high.

Runways are burnt through on unnecessary expenses, and the core business pivots in an attempt to find market fit. Most never do.

The New Way
The Sipher Way

Sipher discovers pioneers at the forefront of technology and supports them by finding commercial opportunities for their technology.

Sipher assists companies, organizations and governments around the world ways to improve their processes by using cutting edge technology.


Sipher identifies emerging technologies that are shaping the world today or has the potential to make a significant difference in the future.


Sipher uncovers pioneers who are at the forefront of emerging technologies and are propelling themselves to new heights with their ingenuity and innovative approach.


Sipher partners with organizations to identify their pain points and discover how these technologies can be applied to improve their operational and business needs.


Sipher employs a unique RD&C (Research, Develop, and Consult) model to build tailored solutions from the core technology to address the specific needs of a client.


The best-developed solutions that can be scaled industry-wide are spun off to flourish as their own company. A new startup is born with market-fit already established.

Our Startups

As soon as an idea is field-tested and market-fit is established with some of our partners, we start exploring ways we can turn the solution into a venture. By working closely with our partners and pioneers, we carefully push forward with creating a new startup. These are our portfolio companies.

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Continuous learning is crucial to success; the moment you stop learning is the moment you get left behind. After decades of developing products and building companies, we have some insights you can learn from.

The number of people who worked hard, never gave up but failed repeatedly, and never succeeded far outnumber the success stories. I want to address a crucial point people always ignore and offer some advice to get started with it.

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There is a good chance you might believe an idea is more important. I can wholeheartedly tell you you are wrong. A solid team with a mediocre idea can go further than a mediocre team with a solid idea.

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